Farewells and Boundaries

I was blessed this weekend to get to be among those who saw Elton John at Dodger Stadium. It was a magical night, made all the better by the gifts that got us there. The tickets were a gift from a friend. Our dinner that evening was also provided through gift cards by the same friend. Having a beautiful date with my wife was a great way to enjoy a special evening.

For all of the joy, there were also moments of trial that complemented the fun. Traffic heading into the stadium was predictably chaotic. When you get over 50,000 people convening on the same place it can create delays. The age and location of Dodger Stadium accentuate the traffic jam potential. There simply aren’t enough entry points to create smooth flowing traffic. Once inside the lot (after paying an extremely “reasonable” $50 to park) we joined the parade of cars searching for a lot and a spot to park. Eventually we traveled almost completely around the stadium before we were able to find a spot.

Once the music started, the earlier stresses all escaped. Joy overcomes stress if you let it. For two hours we were regaled by hit after hit. Lights and music filled the stadium with an atmosphere of happiness. Dancing, smiling, and singing ensued for the duration of the show.

Then we tried to leave Dodger Stadium…

If you’ve ever been to this venerable old ballpark you know exactly what I’m referencing. We only had less than 100 yards to travel before we were officially out of the parking lot, but it took about 90 minutes to make that journey. For those of you who don’t want to do math, that’s almost the same amount of time that Elton played! There was lots of bumper to bumper driving and horn honking. At one point I actually had a conversation with the car trying to shove in front of me. I was able to peacefully stand my ground without incident.

And all in all, it was worth it. I could have left early and “beat the crowd”, but why? I won’t remember the traffic in several years, but I will remember the songs and the farewell. Always take the time to enjoy the moment. Don’t leave early. Sit in your seat and…

–Rise Up!!

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