Set Backs

I received an email today to let me know that our classes at the prison will be put on hold for two weeks. “Modified Programming” is the official term, but basically it means that we won’t be back inside the prison until after Thanksgiving. As is frequently the case with governmental agencies, we are not given a great depth of understanding as to why the change has come about. We are just notified, do not show up until further notice. I suspect it has to do with public health concerns, but I probably won’t get any confirmation on that, nor will I ask.

It is what it is…

And that’s the way we get through. We have to accept things as they are, not as we would have them. This attitude helps us to retain our serenity and sanity. If I get myself too lathered up about why things are happening, it diminishes my ability to just roll with the punches. Certainly I am discouraged to miss out on working with the men in our groups. Yet I know that these things will happen as I volunteer in a prison. In life, I am at the whims of the world. As I have said before, there are almost 7.5 billion people with free will wandering around the planet and we are bound to bump into each other at times.

I try to let those bumps become opportunities rather than problems. More of a “Howzit?” than a “Watch it!” It helps to keep the stress down while I…

–Rise Up!!

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