It’s Your Choice

Tomorrow is Election Day. We get to go to the polls and make some choices. Maybe you’ve already sent in your ballot. Maybe you’ll take that mail in ballot directly to the polls. Maybe you’ll skip the whole thing and not even vote. Some people will trust the process and some won’t. Some people will get their way and others will be disappointed. Some will accept defeat and others will cry “unfair”. The gamut will be run, to be sure!

Sound a bit like life and recovery to you? It sounds almost exactly the same to me. I’m walking around with all of these choices. Some seem easy. Some are confusing. Sometimes I get great results and other times everything seems to crash around my head. There I people and systems I trust and systems and people that seem a bit more evil. I need to do my due diligence, focus myself on future success, and…

—Rise Up!!

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