You Never Know

When I go to the prison it is just a little over an hour drive each way. I got up on Saturday and got myself ready. I had some coffee and watched a little bit of Premier League from England to get my day started. It was lovely. I noticed that it was almost time to leave so I turned of the match I was watching and gathered up my things for the day. On Saturday I need to bring a couple of different boxes and a bag of supplies so my hands are pretty full.

When I got out to the prison I realized that I had everything I needed…except for my wallet and ID. Even though they knew who I was, they just wouldn’t let me in without the ID. It was a long way to drive for nothing.

I went back the next day and made sure that I had everything, especially that ID! I was able to go in and get to my class without issue. I saw one of my Saturday students and he let me know that classes were cancelled because of a violent incident. Sometimes what seems like a mistake turns out to be a divine appointment. Looks like driving around for a couple hours might be a good way to…

–Rise Up!!

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