I Would Walk 500 Miles🎶

You may remember that ear worm of a song from the Proclaimers from the late ‘80’s. If you look at it on a map the 500 miles then the 500 more could actually put them in Iceland, depending on which direction they set out. That’s a lot of walking on water!

Being back in the prisons this month we have been keeping a digital diary of our mileage. I used to just write it in a book so I didn’t get a good idea of how much driving we did for our ministries. With this new spreadsheet I get a running total of miles. In August alone it’s been over 1200 miles. Granted, we are driving, so it’s not quite as impressive as the Proclaimers, but still, with the price of gas, it’s note worthy.

The point is that we get to share the Word with people all over the place and it is a joy. By the end of September we should be running 5 different Celebrate Recovery meetings each week. Sure, it’s exhausting, but sometimes you might need to sit down in order to…

—Rise Up!!

Proclaimers 500 miles map

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