I was sitting at my local Starbucks. Nothing out of the normal there, right? Something was rotten in the state of Denmark though. The Wi-Fi wasn’t working properly. The front door wouldn’t stay closed so the air conditioning forced it slightly ajar when, in turn, kept the very noisy fly fan on. To top it off, my pour over coffee hadn’t been made properly so it was too strong. Boy oh boy, I was having issues at Starbucks!

Then I went into the prison that evening. I saw men sitting in the exact same clothes. I saw worn out cups to hold their drinks. I saw men who would not have the option to be bothered by no Wi-Fi, bad coffee, and a noisy fan. In fact, every single one of those men would have traded me places, problems, and situations straight up, no questions asked.

Everything is a matter of perspective. I need to remember to ask, “How could this be worse?” instead of “Why is this so bad?”. My recovery depends on my attitude. My attitude depends on perspective. Things might not be great, but in every situation I’ve either been in worse or know someone who is currently in a worse place. When frustration comes my way, I need think positive and…

—Rise Up!!

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