Short Staffed

I’m back on the mainland and sitting at my local Starbucks trying to get back into the swing of things. One problem is that I slept in late so my day is behind schedule. The other problem is that Starbucks is short staffed today.

I was third in line when I came in the door and I was the first one to order since the people in front of me got tired of waiting. It’s been a few minutes and I still don’t have my coffee, but it’s ok, I’ll get it. I can see the looks on the other customers that shows how frustrated they are.

Listen, this kind of stuff happens. The world is short staffed right now. I could complain, but that would just add to the stress of the workers who are trying their best to get it done. Instead I’ll just sit back, maybe write a blog entry, and wait for my coffee. You know, slow down and…

—Rise Up!!

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