Echo Surfing

I watched something amazing on Sunday. We were visiting Kailua in Kona. We had Hurricane Darby pass by to the South of us on Saturday. In Waikaloa we hardly noticed it. While eating dinner we watched big waves pound the coastline at Kailua. They have an interesting wall along the downtown area. At one section it makes a curve that is designed to keep the waves from crashing onto the street. If you ever watch the Iron-Man Triathlon you might see it at the Start/Finish line.

A lot of folks were surfing and boogie-boarding in the big waves. To give you an idea, when I visited the same place on Thursday it was virtually dead calm and glasslike. Today the waves were approaching 10 feet at the face!

I am used to seeing people ride waves. I’ve done a fair bit in my day. You paddle out and ride in. It’s fun! Today I saw something completely different though: people were riding waves away from the shore!

You see, that curved wall along the coast was reflecting the powerful waves back out to sea. The people would wait for a wave to hit the wall then ride out in the “echo”. It was astonishing.

Sometimes our recovery seems pretty simple, just like riding a wave in. It takes a clever eye to see the surf in a different way. Perhaps if we look at our recovery journey from a different angle it will help us to…

—Rise Up!!

The “echo”
Riding out…

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