I Appreciate…

I have a friend that I frequently try to encourage and help out. they don’t ask for it, but over the years I have decided that I would just try to shoot them positive thoughts, vibes, and prayers. I watch as they navigate life, and it seems that they have had a bit of unbalance as far as the “difficulty to easy” ration goes. It might be a positive quote that I send. It might be a friendly smile. It might be a cup of coffee. It might be a “like” on an online post. Whatever it is, I try to take the time to make them feel a little bit better than they did.

This week I got a simple text from them: “I appreciate all you do for me!” Wow. I don’t really do anything other than try to be a supporter and encourager. It really felt nice when I read the text though. Even as we lift someone else up, we might be able to…

— Rise Up!!

2 thoughts on “I Appreciate…

  1. I stumbled on to your page in the search results while looking up “bellybutton birthday” lol
    But I am so glad I randomly did. When I came across this post right here it felt like a God thing. I have a few people I must go thank right now! Gratitude vs my self pity. I needed this reminder right this moment. God is good.
    Thank you for all that you do!

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    1. You bet. If you like the blog, check out the podcast. It’s called Mess It Up and can be found in most podcatcher apps including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Also on SoundCloud or just go to MessItUpPodcast.com. I also have two books out on Apple and Kindle or paperback through Amazon. Search Paul Pippen “Still in Beta” and “Peace by Piece”. Thanks for the kind words🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽


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