Come From Away

We had an opportunity to go see the play Come From Away in LA this weekend. We had seen it a few years ago when it first came out, then we watched the video production of it when Broadway reopened after the COVID lock down. It’s a fantastic show that tells the story of Gander, Newfoundland. Gander is a small town that wound up “hosting” all of the inbound flights from Europe on 9/11. As you might imagine, logistics were a bit of a nightmare when you get almost 7000 people show up unexpectedly all on the same day. Imagine how your own pantry might get stretched if all your extended family showed up for a surprise visit…now give that steroids!

At the end of the play the crowd gave an almost immediate standing ovation, and my 88 year old mother rose to her feet and waved her cane in the air. It was amusing and cute. It also made me think about what we do to show our appreciation. Sometimes it’s easy to do, but other times it might take more effort. It may even be a bit of a sacrifice at times. Sitting and watching the play was comfortable, but it felt great to leave our seats and….

–Rise Up!!

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