It’s been a long trip to ‘Ronaville and back for me. I’m guess by this point I’m not the first person in our little community to get COVID, but as you probably know, your MoM got a positive test almost two weeks ago.

At the start, the downside is very obvious. I don’t know anyone who enjoys a fever or a horrid cough that hurt your lungs each time you rattle through another fit.

Then it gets a bit better as the symptoms begin to ebb and you just sit and consume copious amounts of television. I’ve binged a couple of entire shows and have started even more than I’ve finished. That bit was pretty alright.

Now I’m in the slight cough that I’m told can linger for weeks. But I’m out in public. The world conspired to welcome me back too. This weekend my sports teams started winning again. The playlist at Starbucks is 80’s soft rock which has a truckload of memories washing over me.

In short, it’s very nice to be back. It makes easy to see how to…

—Rise Up!!

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