Take Two

I was scheduled to record a phone in interview for my podcast this morning. That meant I had to get up early (for me). 6:20 the alarm went off and I got out of bed to get ready. The morning went very smoothly. I even had time to make a cup of tea before the show.

I logged on to Zoom and sent out the invitation to my guest. We had a nice preliminary chat to get to know each other. My guest writes a blog for people dealing with infertility issues (ConfessionsOfAPineapple.com) and had a difficult, heart wrenching story to share. In my pre-show chat I try to put the guest at ease so I related a story about a guest that had shared a very emotional story only to find out that the entire 70 minute episode didn’t record. Funny story, now let’s record…

As I went to the break I tried to find the pause button. No luck. Couldn’t see it anywhere. Uh oh!

We needed to re-record the whole first half of the show. Both of us already had tears in our eyes and on our cheeks and now she had to go back and re-tell it again. I felt so bad for her.

We were able to take a little break and redo the first segment. It went great, again…

There’s healing in sharing. Even when we have to tell the sad, dark moments in life, there’s healing when we do. This week I’d love to have you check out my new friend’s blog. Tell your friends too! Then next week listen to her episode on the Mess It Up podcast. Even when things don’t go right we can still…

—Rise Up!!

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