Excited for Wednesday

Weekends mean a lot of things for a lot of people. For me, between September and May it means that I usually have an Arsenal match to watch. (As I write that I can hear my wife telling me that not everyone cares about English Football…) It’s kind of how I set my alarm on a Saturday or Sunday morning though. I always wake up to watch the match live, sometimes as early as 4am!

This week it was a 7am kickoff to a team we should have beaten. We were coming off two straight defeats to other teams that we should have beaten. Our place in the table was becoming increasingly tenuous. Arsenal Nation was in a panic. Another loss would be unthinkable.

So that’s exactly what happened. Another 1-0 loss. I was crushed; on the floor; down in the dumps. All of if and more. I just couldn’t believe what was happening. All of my hopes and dreams from a few weeks back were burning like the Hindenburg on a New Jersey field.

Life isn’t always what we have planned. Stumbles happen. Sometimes we stumble because of our own actions and sometimes a person puts something in our path and out of the blue, through no fault of our own, were are face down.

Life happens in the reactions though. The action is just a part of the story. Our reactions are what win the awards and plaudits. So after a quick sulk I turned my focus from what had just gone wrong and looked at what was ahead of me. We play again on Wednesday. Sure, it’s a much better opponent. Sure several of our star players are injured and will miss the game. But my eyes are planted on Wednesday, when I am certain that we will return to our winning ways. I was down on Saturday, but I’m ready to…

–Rise Up!!

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