April Fool!

We just entered April. My 7 year old grand son is trying to figure out the whole April Fool thing. It’s a lot of fun.

My favorite April Fool joke happened 27 years ago. I fooled my wife into saying “I do” on April 1, 1995. Life has been all over the place since that blessed day… for both of us. I can’t say it’s always been great, but I can’t think of anyone better to do life with.

It’s super important to have good people in your life. Whenever I stumble, my wife is there by my side. No, not like she’s helping me stumble, but she does have her hand out to help me. Without people to help us up, we are apt to stay down.

If you don’t have someone, go find them. They’re out there. When we are on our own, it is difficult to…

—Rise Up!!

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