Big Big House

This weekend we were blessed to go to a concert. Being a Christian show, they had the standard request to sponsor needy children. The guy who did the speaking was the former singer of Audio Adrenaline, Mark Stuart . His band broke up several years ago because he developed a debilitating condition in his vocal chords that took away his ability to sing.

As I sat in my seat I noticed him walking around on the arena floor I moseyed over to him, ignoring the security posted at the ends of the stairs and struck up a conversation. In the course of our chat he mentioned that he really liked my shirt and said that he would need to get one similar. I did the only rational thing: I went back to my seat, pealed off my shirt, put on the new one I had just bought at the merch table, then returned and gave him the shirt. Yup, the shirt off my back. I was looking to meet one of my favorite singers from back in the day and I was able to make his night. You never know when you will be able to…

—Rise Up!!

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