Friday is my day for Celebrate Recovery. There’s a fair amount of set up and clean up to do before and after our meetings. In order to make our night a bit shorter I took an opportunity to do some clean up while the ladies were still having their open share group. I put away the food and tables. I reset the chairs. I turned off the sound equipment. I left the coffee on…


Yup, me, the Minister of Mocha, your MoM, forgot to turn off the coffee machine and left the pot on the burner. 24 hours later I was sitting in San Diego at a Seals lacrosse game and got a phone call from our pastor. He left me know that someone had come in and found the pot smoking on the burner. Uggh. The pot was ruined. Bigger uggh.

Now I had a choice. As the leader it would be easy to shirk the responsibility and let him think that it was someone else who had made the mistake, you know, shrug at the uggh. Instead I fessed up to him then made a call to the person who runs the coffee ministry at the church to let them know that it was me that made the mistake and the I would replace the pot that had been ruined. The phone call took her by surprise. She was thankful for my honesty. Since so many different ministries use the coffee station, she gets a lot of shoulder shrugs when things go wrong. Somebody else must have done it is a typical response.

After I confessed and a strange thing happened: nothing. Confessing can feel scary, but it usually is not a problem. It’s just putting Step 10 into action. We recognize when we make a mistake, then we address it promptly. It’s really OK.

Next time you have a fall, break out Step 10 and…

–Rise Up!!

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