Hamilton and Starbucks

Last night my wife and I took a trip to LA to watch Hamilton. Yes, it was wonderful. Like so many people, I had watched the filmed version that aired on Disney+, so I had some familiarity with the show, but I was not one of the superfans that we saw last night. As we came into the lobby of the theater we were greeted with a merch table and my wife went over to peruse the t-shirt offerings. I am not one for t-shirts anymore. Being the Bow Tie Guy has relegated most of my other clothing to a dark corner of my closet. Back in the day I wouldn’t think twice about getting at least one t-shirt from any show that I attended, but now, it’s Bev who does the “free” advertising.

I almost changed my mind though. Many of the items made use of lyrics from the play, and right there in the middle of the display was a shirt that simply read “Rise Up”. Yes please!

Hamilton Rise Up shirt

Unfortunately they didn’t have my size, so I didn’t get it. Move on….

Then this morning I got up and headed down to Starbucks only to find that once again it is closed.

Starbucks closed

Frustrating, but what can you do? That’s right, you move on, go home, make your own Starbucks coffee (a lot cheaper, btw) and then you…

–Rise Up!!

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