I think I’ve probably used this title before, but I’m not positive. Anyhow, it’s my blog, so my rules, right?!?

I spent a large part of my Saturday traveling back home from our 2nd “home” at our daughter’s house in Hawaii. I’m a guy who enjoys soda. Like, really enjoys soda. We’re talking about 4 or more a day if I can, so with that in mind, when I fly and they give free soda out, I’m all in!

Our travel itinerary consisted of a 50 minute flight from Hilo to Honolulu, a 5+ hour flight to LA, then about 2.5 hour drive home. It’s that middle leg that we will focus on today.

We were shortly into the air when the flight attendants came down the aisles with the carts of joy. As is my habit, I asked for a can of ginger ale and a can of tonic water. My wife got a can of club soda. We were set. The problem came when we decided to make a run to the bathroom about an hour later. As we shuffled all of the drinks onto my tray table to allow her to get up I realized that the tray was too small, too sloped, and too slippery to manager this feat. I very shortly wound up spilling one of the cups. As my cat-like reflexes kicked in, I proceeded to dump the other cup as well. I followed that by knocking over Bev’s can of club soda (I’ve heard it’s good for cleaning spills🤣). Now I’m wearing parts of three drinks in my lap.

It was an obvious wet blot on my pants. I looked like a guy who didn’t quite make it to the bathroom in time. Then I had to wait, with those pants, for the bathroom to open.

Thankfully my daughter had pack sandwiches in ziplock bags. I was able to blot the seat with paper towels and then sit on a plastic bag for the rest of the flight. Was it damp? Yes. Was it uncomfortable? Yes. Did I melt like a witch from the Wizard of Oz? Certainly not.

Things happen. Mistakes are made. It’s all in keeping perspective. I was able to do all of the stuff I was already doing. I even got my traditional burger at In-N-Out on the way home. I was just a bit more “hydrated” for it all. Into every life a little rain must fall. I suppose into each lap, a little soda might fall as well. When it does, don’t just sit in it…

—Rise Up!!

Wash and wear?

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