I had the opportunity to stay in a fancy hotel this weekend. My friend and I went to watch a concert in Las Vegas. Normally I am a “there and back again” kind of guy, but he said he wanted to spend the night, so he got us a room in one of the hotels on the Strip. We got into the express elevator, the one that skips the lower floors, and he pushed the 22 button. Talk about rising up!

When we got to the room I immediately headed for the window to take a look at the view. Pretty snazzy. I then called my kids on Facetime to show them as well. As I was showing my son-in-law Dave the sights I pointed out the “volcano” at the front of the Mirage. He said he couldn’t see it so I used my finger as a pointer and showed him where it was. He said “Oh, I’m used to looking at actual volcanoes!” Dave lives on the Big Island so good one Dave…

It got me to thinking though. It’s probably easier to see the need to strive for better when things are bad. That’s a natural. But what about when things are going well. I mean I was on the 22nd floor of a fancy hotel with a great view on somebody else’s dime. Not bad. Dave was in Hawaii. Better. I can read through my CR lesson at home. Not bad. I can go to a meeting with my Forever Family. Better. I guess there’s always room for better, so there’s always an opportunity to…

–Rise Up!!

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