I’m here for the Food

Tonight is the NCCAA National Championship game for football. For some people it’s a huge deal. I’ll be watching with a friend, but honestly I barely care what happens, I’m just looking forward to food and fellowship.

There are people out there who will have their faces painted. I’m sure that people have traveled great distances to watch the game in person at…I don’t even know where it’s being played! I checked for tickets and you can get an end zone seat for about $350 on a popular ticket resale outlet. Like I said, some people eat this stuff up.

The kids playing tonight are taking it very seriously. It’s likely the most momentous event of their young lives to date. Those kids are like me in my own recovery. I care. I care a lot. But then there’s the rest of the world. the rest of the world might be there for a hot dog and some chips. They might not even tune in or read about it later. Most of the rest of the world can’t be bothered with my recovery. But that doesn’t change its importance to me.

Just because the world isn’t cheering you on doesn’t mean that what you are working on in your recovery isn’t important. Don’t listen for the roar of the crowd, because when they roar at you it might not be all that positive. In recovery just put your head down and…

—Rise Up!!

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