Last week we took a short road trip out of town for our daughter’s birthday. Because of a winter storm, a major highway between Los Angeles and the rest of Northern California was shut down, so traffic was diverted to other highways. The one we were on went from typical light traffic, to jam packed. Adding to the problems, they were doing major construction so there was on,y one lane in each direction for about 15 miles. It took us 75 minutes to travel 17 miles😳😬.

Today we traveled the same roads, although we were going to a different destination. Even with the beautiful weather we have had for several days, we planned ahead and allowed extra time to get my mother to her doctors appointment.

Now I’m sitting at a Starbucks down the street for, the doctor’s office killing time before her appointment. Sitting at Starbucks is far more preferable than sitting in traffic!

I suppose it goes to show that we might travel down similar roads, but we never know what to expect. If we plan ahead, and leave a good margin for error, we have a better chance to…

—Rise Up!!

James Taylor says it best, but I’ll let you look it up…

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