I had to delay heading to Starbucks this morning. I was waiting for a gleam of workers to come and install solar panels on my roof. We have wanted to do it for some time and finally decided to pull the trigger and make it happen.

It reminds me of getting into the recovery lifestyle: I knew I should do it, I just kept putting it off and making excuses not to. Now it’s finally happening and I’m excited about it. I feel like I want to just run the lights all day long and plug in a bunch of electric heaters at night.

I know that is foolish though. Just because I’ve made a positive change does not give me a good reason to run amok. A good friend once taught me that freedom does not necessarily indicate what I am free to do, but more so what I am free not to do. Making one positive decision only to chase it with a series of bad ones is a negative gain.

For now I’ll just keep trying to me energy efficient and know that I’ve got a little solar plant on the roof helping me to…

—Rise Up!!

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