Sharing is Caring

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of going to see a band for the first time. The band’s main lyricist is known for pouring his emotions out in song. If he feels good, you know it. If he feels sad you know it. If he feels angry, you definitely know it! There are know mysteries with how he feels when he writes. Depression and recovery are ever present themes for his music.

For their most current album, he released a second version that features him providing commentary over the music, much like a director might do for a movie. (Here’s a link, I totally recommend listening! ) I had listened to the commentary as I drove to the concert last week, but since I went alone, I had not shared it with my wife. To me, it was a hauntingly beautiful look at depression and how to survive with it.It hit home in a variety of places and I found myself encouraged to know that someone else understood the things that I sometimes feel.

On our trip home from seeing a play in Los Angeles I decided to play the commentary version of the album for Bev. She too was moved by the writer’s thoughts and words. There’s something healing in hearing someone express the things that might be rattling around in our own heads. Having a sense of community is critical for our emotional health. I got that healing because Justin Furstenfeld shared on his album. I was blessed to be able to share that with my wife.

Don’t be silent this holiday season. People get sad. People get angry. People get lost. It dosen’t take much, perhaps just a smile or a friendly hello, to help someone…

–Rise Up!!

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