December Again

At the time of this post we are sitting once more on the eve of the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack. 80 years have gone by. According to statistics that’s basically a lifetime for most Americans. There are some who remember that day, but there are a tremendous number more who do not. As I read the morning “news” today (that is to say as I read headlines of stories on the USA Today app) I saw that we lost two more hero figures from World War II. Just this summer I took my father in law to visit Pearl Harbor and to see the site where his brother in law died on the USS Arizona. It was a somber moment. Pearl Harbor was the 9/11 moment for his generation. At times and moments like that, the speeches are made and there is a swell of support for the notion “Never Forget”. Yet in church yesterday, there was not a word said in remembrance…

If we can forget an event such as the violent attack on Pearl Harbor, what else can we forget? Does time heal the wound or does the wound simply get buried under the sands of time?

What wound are you remembering this Christmas season? How long will it remain? What will you do to…

—Rise Up!!

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