(Out of the) Fog

Yesterday was a long day of driving. We left Klamath Falls, Oregon for our home in Southern California around 9 am. It wasn’t quite the 8am start I had hoped for, but it was still early enough to get home at a reasonable time.

When we left a week ago, I had all kinds of plans for the trip and the return, but like so much in life, things did not go exactly how I had it mapped out. I wound up getting sick a couple of days before the return trip and spent the last two days mostly in bed and wore a mask to keep the others from catching my cold.

Then on our get away day we woke up to a pea soup fog. It was not optimized for our success!

There’s not a whole lot of choice in how we can do things. We needed to get home and driving while feeling sick was not fun. Fog that limited my visibility to about 50 feet at times, and having my mother riding in the front seat from the back seat, if you know what I mean, piled stress on top of stress.

Then as we drove, the sun broke through the fog. Mt. Shasta shrugged of her shawl of clouds and we were greeted to a magnificent view.

Fog, on the road and in life, never lasts forever. It’s going to burn off. The seasons will change. Whatever fog you see now is hiding beauty from your vision, but that doesn’t mean that the beauty isn’t right there. Keep driving and soon you will find clear skies. Keep waiting for the beauty that is just out of sight and…

—Rise Up!!

Foggy driving…
Mt. Shasta

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