I made a FaceTime call to my kids this weekend. I was just calling to chat with my daughter and son in law. I figured we could talk about soccer, or maybe the way that our Steelers let us down. Nothing important, basically just checking in and killing some time while I waited for my wife to finish whatever it was that she was doing. When my daughter didn’t answer I did what I always do and called her husband. Usually Heather answers right away and it takes Dave a little while. This was a big switcheroo. Nothing from the girl, but Dave’s phone entered the answering sequence after one ring. Cool.

If you’re familiar with iPhones, you know that there is a bit of a handoff that happens when someone answers a FaceTime call. There’s that bit of a lull when you get some audio from the other side, but the camera hasn’t connected yet. As that happened I did what I always do: I made a funny face. Then when the camera finally came on I was surprised by the face that came back at me. It was my grandson Luc, also making a face. Then he burst into his delightful little seven year old giggle. He was thrilled to have surprised his Papa. I was thrilled to be surprised since he is typically pretty reticent to come to the phone.

We talked for 17 minutes. Well, talked is generous, but we goofed off with each other for 17 minutes. I didn’t even really talk to Heather or Dave. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but it was wonderful; better, even…

Sometimes when we don’t get what we are expecting it gives us exactly what we need to…

–Rise Up!!

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