Go South, Young Man!

Last Friday my wife and I visited a Celebrate Recovery group so that she could share her testimony. It was a great experience. As she spoke we were literally about 10 miles from a volcanic eruption that was shooting lava 30-60 feet into the air. God was moving earth as Bev’s story was moving hearts. Afterward she said that more than anyone else in the room, it was she who needed to hear herself the most that night. She needed a reminder about her own recovery and how much God had done in her life.

Tomorrow night we will share at another CR. This time it will be our couple’s testimony. This time we will be down at the southern tip of the island, which makes this particular meeting the southern-most CR meeting in the country. Kind of a neat thing. (I love that kind of stuff.) I don’t know who will be there. I’ve never even met any of the people at the meeting before. But they’re my forever family, so I know it will be good. Maybe it will only be Bev or myself who benefits, but I know that even though our day will go south, by night time we will…

—Rise Up!!

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