Going in Circles

Yesterday was a hoot. We got to go to Disneyland with our 2 1/2 year old granddaughter for her very first time there. If you’ve never had the joy of taking a kid to the Magic Kingdom for the first time, you have truly missed out on one of the best things ever. The looks on their faces are just amazing. Everything is so magnificent for them and watching their little brains try to take it all in is so much fun.

We had made a pact with each other that the day would be all about Eleanore, no adult rides were on the docket, and that was just fine with us because her happiness was infectious. She really had no concept of “rides”, having never been to anything like an amusement park before, so we just kind of took her from place to place, unveiling a little bit of the park at a time. As it turns out, she likes to ride rides that spin.

That’s not a great thing for Papa, because I’m pretty much done after my first complete spin. A full minute or two of going in circles puts me down for the count! Enter Grammy. That lady LOVES to spin too, so they were a perfect fit. As we made our way through spinning rides we eventually got to the Astro Orbitor. This one gives all the spin you want and adds a lever to control the height of the car. This was a mind blower for Eleanore. I asked her after if she liked the ride. Her response: “I went up and up and UP!!!” Music to your MoM’s ears right there.

So next time it feels like you are just spinning in circles, find the lever and pull back hard and you will be the next in line to…

–Rise Up!!

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