On the Rise

A few weeks back my wife made a comment about the blog. She said that perhaps I was writing about soccer too much. Her thought was that not everyone shares my enthusiasm for the Beautiful Game. Noted…

At that point I was wallowing in the misery of our worst start in team history. English soccer started in the late mid 1880’s, so we are talking about 130+ years of history here. Fast forward to this Saturday. “My” Arsenal defeated our arch rivals. These are the same rivals who sat at the top of the standings three weeks ago while we languished in dead last place. Now we are 10th while they are 11th.

“Alright MoM, what does this have to do with me?” you ask. Well, in my life I’ve had moments of abject failure. I’ve had times where I wanted to chuck everything into the toilet and just flush my life. There have been episodes that make me want to do anything but what is happening right then. But the sad reality is that sometimes we fall deep in the water and need to hold our breath until we hit the surface.

If we quit, it’s over, but we never get the joy of the victory. Hard times and trouble beg us to hold our breath, swim hard, and…

–Rise Up!!

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