Hold On

This week was a “good news, bad news, good news” kind of week.

I was supposed to be going to Hawaii next month to visit the grandkids again. That’s good news. Then Friday I got an email saying our flight had been cancelled. Bad news. There was no indication as to why it was cancelled, just the fact that it was. I suppose with rising COVID rates this was to be expected, but still, bad news.

After going to bed bummed out I woke up on Saturday and checked my email. What’s this from Hawaiian Airlines? “Recently we sent you an email in error. Your flight has not been cancelled. Here is the most current flight information.” Back to good news!

I didn’t do anything to create the bad news or the good news, it just came my way. There’s a whole lot of free will in this world and sometimes it bumps into us. The important part for me is how I react. I could have thrown a fit on Friday night. I could have binged on my habit of choice. I could have thrown my recovery out the window because I wasn’t getting things “my way”. But I’m not Frank Sinatra, I’m just your MoM. By keeping an even keel, I didn’t have that far to go in order to…

—Rise Up!!

One thought on “Hold On

  1. “There’s a whole lot of free will in this world and sometimes it bumps into us.”

    My new favorite quote!

    Brilliant Paula!!!!!!!


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