Making Sausage

They say you don’t want to see how sausage gets made. The idea being that over the years people have been rumored to put some pretty unsavory things into sausage. Yes, even savory sausage!

This week I broke the proverbial rule and watched sausage get made. I actually went beyond watching and actually made my own sausage. It turned out pretty good.

When we get involved in recovery, it’s a bit like watching them make the sausage: you don’t know what’s gone into a person’s life. Yet the end product can turn out wonderful. All those bits and pieces that might seem unnecessary or down right horrible, those all add up to make their own particular flavor.

Let’s not worry about what into it, let’s just enjoy them and celebrate the fact that we have sausage. And don’t forget to…

—Rise Up!!

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