I’ve been spending some time with my newest grandson this past week. It’s fun because he’s so tiny and cute. You know how babies are. He smiles and coos. He eats and wiggles. He burps and cries. And he poops!

We change a lot of diapers here. He is a diaper destroyer. It’s like his super power! We give him a new one and sure enough, a little while later he’s gone and messed that one up too. C’mon little man, those things aren’t free!

It would be easy to get upset when he does it. It’s a waste and everything. But it’s just how things work. Even his little sister knows that his job is to eat, sleep, and poop. It’s no use getting angry, we just give him a freshie when he needs it.

In recovery, people are gonna mess up their diaper. We have set backs. It’s part of the deal. It’s just how it works sometimes. Getting upset about it doesn’t fix the problem. The immediate need is to get people back on the right path. We can potty train later. Get out their and help them to…

—Rise Up!

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