Looking Forward

It’s a big day for your MoM – I’ve got a job interview. Actually, it’s a second interview, following a successful first interview last Thursday. It’s pretty exciting to think about having a “job” job for the first time in many years. I have always been a person who enjoys a job interview. I like the unknown of the questions. I like the puzzle of finding a good answer. It may seem strange, but I really enjoy the process.

But now I am up against the reality of the possibility. Of course I would like to have the job or else I wouldn’t have taken the time to apply. Having a positive cash flow on my end of finances would also be a nice thing. Yet after all these years as an “unemployed” blogger, podcaster, and author I’ve gotten used to doing things a certain way. That certain way is having the freedom to pick up and go where ever and whenever the wind calls me. As the saying goes, it doesn’t pay well, but the benefits are outstanding!

So which is better: paying your bills or having your fun? It’s like being in recovery. We know that we need to make changes for a better life, but sometimes the allure of our wandering is strong. Sometimes the thrill of the sin in our addiction has a stronger pull than the promise of a healthy lifestyle. Change can be scary and uncomfortable. But sometimes it is necessary.

All this, and I don’t even have the job yet! But we need to have our dreams. So here’s to change. here’s to new opportunities. It’s time to…

–Rise Up!!

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