I’m fixing to go hiking with my wife. We are headed up into the Sierras to escape the desert heatwave you may have read about. I just went to the same place a week ago with my grandson and nephew. We got wonderful fellowship, gorgeous views, and hail…

Now I’m headed off again to see what happens. Thunderstorms are always an option in the Sierras during the summer, so we will be prepared. I guess the question is why go if you think you might get rained on? It all comes back to one of my favorite songs by Mercy Me “Bring the Rain”. The song talks about going through struggles. It continues by reminding us that the rain is just that – just a little rain. We will be fine, albeit wet, if it does rain. No problem. I can assure you that at 9000 feet we will certainly be able to…

–Rise Up!!

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