I spent Father’s Day with my daughter in Hawaii. They live on the rainy side of the Big Island so we don’t see a lot of stars at night.I love the stars, but I always say that you can’t get a jungle without some rain, so it’s a fair trade off.

I took a walk too the mail box yesterday evening and saw something unexpected. As I turned away from the community mail box cluster I noticed a bright dot in the sky just above the clouds that had gathered on the top of the mountain. I was pretty sure I knew what it was, but being much further south than normal I wanted to be sure. I pulled out my iPhone and fired up the app that tells me what star I’m seeing. Now, I’ve seen Venus many times before and this sure looked like Venus, but the app was telling me that it was the paw of some dog constellation I had never heard of. I double checked and it kept coming back the same. Oh well, Southern sky and all, maybe this was something new. Before quitting I decided to see if there was some sort of hemispheric calibration that needed to happen.

There was…

Once I got the app working correctly it verified my initial thoughts. I was looking at Venus indeed. It was one of those moments that I just wanted to enjoy. I’d seen it before, but not in this setting. It was nice. I went in and got my grandson to show him a planet. He thought it was pretty neat too.

Recovery requires constant monitoring and thought. Sometimes we need to double check our settings in order to…

–Rise Up!!

There’s Venus, in the middle of and a little than those two trees.

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