I got up early this morning to go “on a boat” with my granddaughter. My daughter bought some one man kayaks recently and wanted to take us out on the lake when we visited their house. The three of us went out and had a great time. After cruising around and seeing some pelicans on the lake we headed in so that Grammy could have a turn.

Grammy paddled out and went off toward the other shore. I had to take a quick potty break so I didn’t see her leave. It took a little while and some clever phone conversation, but eventually she and I hooked up out on the southern shore of the Lake of the Woods. So far, so good.

Coming back in is where things began to unravel. The wind picked up. After that, the waves began to rise. As the lake got progressively more choppy, paddling became an exercise in futility. Bev and I both struggled, but it was especially had for her because she was getting blisters on her hands.

I was able to wriggle my way to the back of my kayak and somehow managed to tie the two “boats” together so that I could tow her in.

Even in the storm, we can join together to…

–Rise Up!!

Bev on the lake

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