I made a project for my wife for Mother’s Day. It was fun. It kind of brought back memories of being a kid and making something for Mom. This project wasn’t macaroni glues to a piece of paper and spray painted. It wasn’t a craft made from yarn. It wasn’t a picture created by my handprint with paint. None of those time honored gifts were made by me this year.

This year I took a piece of board and electrocuted it. That may sound odd, but that’s what we did. I have a friend who has a cool rig that allows for such shenanigans to become art. He took parts from an old microwave and odd bits of scrap lumber to help me create something beautiful.

The process is a bit long, so I’ll skip the detail, suffice to say we let the electricity arc on the surface of the board and it left pretty patterns which we filled with colored epoxy. I then used my Cricut machine to put a verse on it and voila!

God took my broken parts and pieces and made something beautiful. He saw the wreckage of my life and chose to repurpose it rather than throw it out with the garbage. Through recovery I have gone from rubbish to art. He’ll do the same for you too. He sees the future you. He’ll do the hard stuff, you just need..

—Rise Up!!


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