Up By Stairs

It’s been said that confidence is something that goes up by stairs and comes down in an elevator. Working my steps proves this theory out. Day after day we work to put one foot in front of the next. Slowly, ever so slowly we make and even see some progress. Then comes a trip up which feels like going down on the elevator. Our confidence can flag. People’s opinions of us can diminish. Trust gets broken.

But just because we go down in that elevator does not negate the fact that the stairs are still there. They haven’t been removed. We can go right back to the same place and find them again. And when we find them we can use them. And as we use them again, we learn that we have more skills since the last time we trudged up. In fact, the more we climb those stairs, the stronger we get.

Have you found yourself on an elevator? Push that “Open Doors” button and find the stairs. Get off and…

—Rise Up!!

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