High 5

A friend said something to me the other day that was pretty thought provoking. They said that we are the average of our 5 closest friends. That really got me to thinking about who those friends are. I also thought a lot about who they have been. That group has changed tremendously over time, yet there are also some stalwarts who have remained for almost 50 years.

I guess the important thing to also consider is how do I rank in other people’s Five? Am I bringing the average up or am I dragging down the curve? I always liked tests that were graded on a curve because I knew that there were people who would drag down the average so that I didn’t have to work as hard to do well. That’s a bad way to assess life.

I need to do what I can to bring up the average. I hope that I am the top side of someone’s Five. I also need to assess my own group and make sure I don’t bring people into that group just to make life “easier”.

Look around and count your five. Make sure those people help you to…

—Rise Up!!

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