Eagles and Crows

I recently heard about the eagle and the crow. It is said that the only bird that dares peck the eagle is the crow. All other birds are afraid of the powerful eagle, but the crow will land on the eagle’s back and peck at its neck. Apparently eagle does not fight back. Instead it takes flight with the crow on its back. It simply flies higher and higher. As it gains altitude the air gets thinner. The eagle is built for higher altitudes and can handle the lack of oxygen, but the crow cannot. Eventually, without a fight, the crow has to let go and fly back to a more comfortable altitude and the eagle is free of its tormentor.

Recovery is full of crows pecking at our necks, but we are all eagles. We don’t need to accept the torment of our hurts, hang ups, and habits. We don’t need to flail at the addictions and sins that try to trip us up. we need to trust that God made us better and soar higher than those troubles. When addiction comes to peck at your neck, get out of your nest and…

—Rise Up!!

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