Walks in the Rain

Spending time in (on?) the island of Hawaii is a wonderful thing. I’ve been here in the past so this trip is not so much about “getting out” or “doing things” as our previous visits have been. It’s kind of a good thing too, because in our almost two week stay now, we rarely seen the sun. Going to the beach just hasn’t been a thing.

I commented on Instagram that the first step in making a jungle is to get a lot of rain. So far this trip we’ve had over 20 inches of rain. That’s almost 3 years worth for my hometown of Ridgecrest! Yes, it’s been a wet trip thus far.

So what do we do in such circumstances? We go out and enjoy the rain, that’s what! Saturday we took a drive and did some nature watching. We went to a town on the other side of the island that has an absolutely amazing playground. Even though it was raining, my grandson had a blast and played for the better part of a half hour before getting cold and tired. Yesterday we went down to walk around at Lili’ukalani Park at Hilo Bay. We just walked in the rain and enjoyed the beauty. We decided not to let the weather get us down, instead we used it to…

—Rise Up!!

(Extra God note: as I finished the last 3 sentences I was straining to see because the sun came up and is shining right and bright in my eyes. God is so good!)

Luc riding in style in the rain.

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