I’m sitting in Hilo and thinking about rain. The annual rainfall here is around 143 inches. That’s about 20 times what we get at home in the desert. It’s crazy. Yesterday I watched a sudden deluge create a pond at the back patio of my daughter’s house. Then literally minutes later the rain subsided and the pond had disappeared. This pattern continued all afternoon and into the night. At home we would have been up to our knees in the house with water, but here, nothing. Just the sound of rain falling down.

When you’re prepared for things, crises can be more easily averted. When you are equipped for a problem it can become a puzzle instead. The challenges of life will still exist, but if you are ready for success, you will probably find success.

Work your steps. Talk to your accountability partners. Reach out to friends. Let it rain and…

—Rise Up!!

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