Happy Anniversary!

(Note: I tried to publish this in the morning, but it failed. Sorry it’s late) I did not know it until I opened up my blog app this morning, but this is your MoM’s 6 year anniversary. Wow, it’s a bit hard to believe. I remember when I started this thing. I was sitting in my office at the church where I was working and decided to make some blogs for the staff. I was trying to create this whole online community and experience so we had video of the weekend services, weekly talk shows, a podcast from the service, and blogs. The staff weren’t particularly excited about me creating more work for them so I offered to ghost write for the pastors. A comment was made that they didn’t think I’d be able to come up with enough to say in order to consistently publish a once a week blog. (We all know how hard it is for Paul to talk, right?)

Anyhow, here we are six years later and still going strong. I’ve missed a couple of weeks in the course of those six years. I really couldn’t say how many exactly, but I’m fairly certain it’s less than 10. That’s not too bad. Most of them have been typed up in the comfort of my “office”. That might have been the one at the church, or the one I use now at my house. Plenty have been written at a table in Starbucks. I’ve written in several different states and have even dictated some as I drove down the road on a trip to somewhere. For the most part they happen on a Monday morning as I look at the week ahead.

I’ve never planned them out. There has never been a master list of “upcoming topics” to write about. It’s simply a snapshot of what I’m thinking about or feeling on that particular Monday morning. It’s my chat with myself and God. The overriding message from the blog is supposed to be encouraging. I decided to put the closing lone of Rise Up at the end way back in the beginning and have tried to make that a theme. It’s not because I think that any of you Dear Readers need to hear it, but because I need to hear it. Life can be tough (duh) so I need constant reminders not to wallow in the hurts of yesterday. Hopefully you’ve gained something from it as well. If you have a moment, shoot me a message to let me know which of the several hundred posts you’ve enjoyed most. If not, that’s ok too. Here’s to the past six years, and to the ones ahead as well. Now get out there and…

—Rise Up!!

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