A Day of Defeats

Yesterday was supposed to be fun. I was all set to watch my #ArsenalFC play and defeat #Burnley in the morning then finish the day with a rousing victory for my #Steelers in the evening.


The soccer match did not go as planned. We played flat and couldn’t score for another full game. Well, I guess we did score when our star striker put a header into our own net instead of guiding it safely over the bar. My English Football hopes are rapidly seeking the bottom. Right then, on to American football and my Steelers.

More lack-luster offense and a second straight defeat after starting the season with a team record 11 straight victories. It was dismal.

But these things happen. We watch the games to see who wins. Yesterday just wasn’t my time. But that doesn’t mean that the day was a loss. I got to hang out with my grandsons and make gingerbread houses. I got to find out that my oldest grandson is now as tall as I am. My youngest daughter sent a picture of our newest grand baby (arriving July 2021). Things are good. Not all things, but some things. Nothing lasts forever; not the good, not the bad. It all changes with time. So ride out the storms and wait for the sunshine. Maybe even dance in the rain. But above all else…

—Rise Up!!

Getting taller…
This one too!

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