My Wife and Family

I recorded my Thanksgiving episode of my podcast this weekend ( I don’t need to break the news that 020 has been a crazy different year to anyone. That being said, we still have things to be thankful about, so I invited a small panel of guests and we went through some of the “standard” questions about gratitude.

The first question I posed was what is your “easy thanks”? By that I meant what are the things that you don’t really need think hard about to identify? As I suspected, this question was pretty simple for everyone on the show, myself included.

For me, it was my wife and family. Regardless of what happens in life, my wife and family have continued to stick by me. It means the world to me and so do they.

Just this past week, actually even less that the week, more like over the past 5 days I have dealt with at least two major emotional setbacks. Each time I was emotionally bolstered by love from my family. I am so blessed. Without their support down the years, I might easily find myself in a hopeless tailspin and a very dark place, but they relentlessly give me reason to…

—Rise Up!!

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