Small Hexi Tile

So this week finds me helping my daughter and son in law fix up the house they just bought. It’s about 80 years old and needs some upgrades.

[Enter Papa]

I came loaded with various tools and construction implements. I a

I brought a lot of hope and encouragement. it’s a big project , but should be fun.

As always, once we got started the problems we solved gave birth to new problems. That’s construction. It’s also recovery. We identify the character defects, then we work on them.

My current problem is a kitchen floor that is to be tiled with small hexagonal tiles. Not easy. Slow, hard work is the outlook for today and tomorrow. But when I’m done, my daughter will be thrilled. The thought of that joy helps me to get down on the floor and…

—Rise Up!!

Uggggh, a whole floor of small hexi’s

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