Be Better

You have already done it by now. I have. Tens of millions have. Tomorrow is Election Day in America.

This is the least optimistic I’ve ever been on Election Eve. It’s not regarding politicians or outcomes, but about how people handle those outcomes. Our political discourse has become increasingly volatile over the past several years.

The apostle Paul tells us that we should be peaceable in our words and deeds whenever possible. Of course you can take a loose interpretation of the word “possible” or fall back on the old Flip Wilson adage that “the devil made me do it”, but when it comes down to brass tacks, my actions and reactions are decided by me.

I’ve always said that the thing that makes America great is not just that we have an election, but that we can come together after one. It’s on us, people. Let’s cast our votes individually, and then together we can all…

—Rise Up!!

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