Pushing Through

A little over a week ago I began experiencing severe pain in my hip and back. I’ve dealt with chronic pain and discomfort in those areas for the better part of my life, but the past week was beyond what is my “normal”.

The medical assessment from my daughter said it was bursitis in my hip. Since she’s a PA and does this for a living, I trust her diagnosis. I have found that my hip is a lot like my recovery.

At first I knew something was wrong, but I spent a lot of time denying it. Eventually I accepted that the problem was real, but I tried to deal with it on my own. Finally, I got help.

The comparison doesn’t end there. Just like in recovery, having a “diagnosis” or knowing what the problem was didn’t just magically clear everything up for me. Ok, it’s bursitis, now what?!? It turns out that there’s a lot of work to be done in recovery and in physiology. I had to work my steps in recovery and I’m having to do a lot of physical therapy for my hip and back. And it doesn’t stop when the pain subsides either. No, there is a ton of maintenance work to do now and for the rest of my life.

Well, only if I want to stay healthy, that is…

This morning, the hip still hurts. But when I focus I am able to…

Stand Up Rise Up!!

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