This week we were able to meet for Celebrate Recovery in person once again. If you haven’t been affected by COVID at this point, you, my friend, are a massive rule breaker! We all know what it’s been like. The isolation and angst has pervaded everyone’s life.

Being back on last Friday night was fantastic. As a leader, I’ve been able to be in the building as we recorded video for our weekly “meetings”. Yet with no one else in the room, it felt hollow. It was good to see people in front of us this week as we did worship. It was great to hear voices singing back at us.

Isolation is still a nasty reality. It will likely be a long time before we are back to doing everything in person, with everyone present. This is not a cry for civil disobedience. I’m not advocating breaking rules and having large groups of people gather where they are not allowed. But I am saying that we all need to find ways to be “together”. Maybe a cup of coffee with a friend. Maybe a small Bible study. Whatever it is, I urge you to try to find some community. When we are alone, we sag, but together we can help each other to…

— Rise Up!!

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