2 Pounds

Last week I took a trip to the coast to speak on behalf of one of my CR Inside men. He has an opportunity to have his sentence reduced and had asked that I and a few other men speak on his behalf. It was my honor to do so.

After we finished at the court we decided to head further west and go to Moro Bay. It’s was a beautiful summer day and we wanted to enjoy this wonderful world that God gave us.

We spent the afternoon playing our ukuleles at the beach, wandering the boardwalk, and recording a new set of Daily Steps. Then I found my weakness…

Actually, I went in search of it. Saltwater taffy!

I knew the place to go and I went there. I didn’t go straight away; we wandered about and did some recording first, but I knew where I was going.

I do that a lot in life. I know what I want and I create situations in order to get it. In recovery I need to make sure that I’m chasing the right rewards – those from God, not from myself.

And now, 2 pounds of saltwater taffy later, I’ll do my best to…

—Rise Up!!

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